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Your right brain

April 19, 2010



You are spiritual.

You look at the wholes mostly, not the parts.

You are a dreamer with a rich imagination.

You are prefer visual instructions.

You are creative.

You are using the right brain dominantly according to 

the left-right brain hemispheric model… 

       Left brain – right brain hemispheric model, focuses particularly on skills , and stresses art and musical skill at the expense of language and mathematics (Flaherty AW, 2005). The public does think that there is no other model for the mapping of brain functioning. Again the public believes that a right-brained person where his or her right brain is dominant will show the prominent functions of the right brain…

So all the musicians are creative,  so where is the problem here?  Though, this theory is popular, it is  theory.

Here is a paper by Alice W. Flaherty from Harvard University where she proposes a three-factor anatomical model of human idea generation and creative drive, where he proposes that it is about three anatomical areas…

The public relations of right brain is  succesful one and it is a market now in different areas of business such as education, exercise. When you need the right brain;left or right you use it. Oh, if some features of either of them works not so well, you can educate it…I just support this model to promote more “creativity” at schools.

But I still believe these generalizations are over-rated…I can not find my way easily as a dreamer, for example.

Here are some measurements methods of right/left hemisphere dominance:

Behavioral measures of lateralization; neuropsychological test batteries; tachistoscopic presentations; dichotic listening tasks; verbal and performance sub-tests of intelligence tests; standardized measures of verbal and visual functions (Miran & Miran 1984)

OR as this issue became a market, one of the test in the net…Just for fun though!

Hemispheric Dominance Inventory Test

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